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White Faux Leather Modern Round Cat Scratcher/Scratching Pad

White Faux Leather Modern Round Cat Scratcher/Scratching Pad

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Stunningly designed unique cat scratcher makes for a great alternative to the typical carpet-covered scratching post. Handcrafted in NYC, in the United States and made with domestically sourced materials!

  • Scratcher is built to be sturdy and with strong, modern wooden legs.
  • Interior of scratcher is made out of cardboard to be easy on your cat's paws and is also replaceable. So no need to buy an entirely new scratcher when your cat has made good use out of it- just get a new cardboard center for it!
  • Comes in multiple styles with a variety of accent fabrics to choose from (some even come with light unfinished legs instead of dark walnut, see pictures.)
  • Accent fabric is also replaceable. Want a new look without buying a new cat scratcher? Just purchase a new cover instead!
  • dimensions are as followed: length 20 in, width 20 in, and height 5 in.

Here at Mau Katz, we search far and wide for the best and most unique cat products. Some of which, come from countries overseas. This product is sent from New York City in the United States, so please allow 7-14 business days for shipping elsewhere in the U.S. Expect possible delays around the holiday season. Other countries may have longer or shorter shipping times.

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