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Garden Complex *Customizable* Canvas Cat Maze Activity Play Center With Planters

Garden Complex *Customizable* Canvas Cat Maze Activity Play Center With Planters

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Encourage problem solving and confidence building in your cat while also giving them more of their own space to relax in!

For the layout shown, it requires four wall-studs spaced out at 16″. You can use the included step-by-step instructions to create the layout shown, -OR- since it’s a modular system, you can also design it your own way with numerous other layout possibilities to perfectly fit your space! If your studs are spaced differently than 16 inches apart, contact us before ordering and if necessary we’ll send you custom setup instructions accordingly- for an additional fee. Or, if you don’t have studs available or they do not line up right, then you can also mount it using 1/8x2 inch toggle bolts into your drywall.

  • Includes: multiple planters (please read below for suggested plants to use), hidden brackets, screws, 8 wooden mounting planks, 18" sisal-lined escape hatch, 258" durable canvas fabric (giving room for multiple built in fabric hammocks for climbing or for comfortably laying/napping on), and 2 ladder pieces
  • Cat activity play center is made from solid wood and durable, heavy-duty canvas and have been tested to hold up to 65 pounds on 16-inch sections and 85 pounds on 32-inch sections
  • This activity center comes in two different fabric colors (natural, or black) and three different wood finishes (unfinished, English Chestnut, and Onyx)
  • No visible hardware! All the brackets are hidden, giving it a more attractive, modern floating appearance
  • The plant is not included, but some great suggestions for plants to use are: Spider Plant, Lemon Button Fern, Cat Nip, Cat Grass, Bamboo Palm, Variegated Wax Plant, Lilyturf, and Boston Fern. All of these plants are safe for both cats and dogs, yet even certain non-toxic plants may have side effects if ingested. For more detailed information we suggest you consult your local nursery or vet.
  • Fabric can be easily removed from the wood for washing
  • The size of the layout shown is approx. 109x63x11 inches in size 
  • There is a 10% restocking fee for this item if you choose to return it
  • Designed and made by CatastrophiCreations in the U.S.

Here at Mau Katz, we search far and wide for the best and most unique cat products. This product comes from The United States, however, it can take up to a couple weeks to be built and processed so please allow approx. 12-20 business days for shipping to the U.S. for this specific product. Some products may come separately due to varying shipping times and dispatch locations. Expect possible delays around the holiday season. Other countries may have longer or shorter shipping times.