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Dark Mahogany Mini Litter Box Hiding Cabinet or Cat Lounge with Water-Damage-Resistant Finish

Dark Mahogany Mini Litter Box Hiding Cabinet or Cat Lounge with Water-Damage-Resistant Finish

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This discreet but beautiful contemporary cabinet hides your cat's litter box while also helping to prevent the smell from drifting as far. The top is even easily removed making cleaning the little box easy! Cabinet also fits many standard pillow sizes and can be used as a kitty lounge instead while still serving as additional table space that's beautifully designed. Made of a stylish chrome plated frame and a dark mahogany or white finish. Has a wide 8" opening making it great for even larger cats! This particular product DOES NOT ship to countries outside the U.S.

  • High-pressure laminate finish protects against spills and water damage. We know your cat can’t hit the mark every time! Don’t worry, our high-pressure laminate is built to last even if your kitty spills. Just wipe up easily with disinfectant and a damp towel.
  • Deters dogs from getting into your cat’s business.
  • Also has a couple hooks inside for hanging scoop or a bag to place waste in to be removed.
  • Litter box cabinet has a vented back panel to allow air flow for your kitty.
  • Fits large litter pans and most automatic litter boxes.
  • Outside Dimensions are as followed: 21.5″ L 18.5″ W 20.75″ H
  • Inside Dimensions are as followed: 20″ L 17″W 17.5″ H
  • Fits standard large size litter pans!
  • Litter Box Hiding Cabinet does require some assembly but putting it together is easy and should only take about 20 minutes. No tools are necessary and all assembly instructions are included.
  • Available in two finishes- mahogany and white! This listing is for the dark mahogany litter box cabinet

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