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black velcro cat hammock modern furniture gray under chair

Black Hanging Cat Hammock Bed with Velcro Straps for Under Chair or Table

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The perfect way to add extra space for your cat without taking up more space of your own. This velvety soft pet hammock is easily installed under most long-legged chairs and small tables.

  • Easy to install! Comes with random colored anti-slip rings to place under adjustable velcro straps
  • Great way to save space while still giving your cat more of their own room
  • Soft and comfortable fabric that's gentle on the paws
  • Comes in three different accent colors to the gray: neutral, blue, or black

  • Also, comes in two different sizes: large (approx. 48x50 cm) or small (approx. 40x40 cm)

Here at Mau Katz, we search far and wide for the best and most unique cat products. Some of which, come from countries overseas. This product is sent from our friends in China, so please allow 12-20 business days for shipping to the U.S. Expect possible delays around the holiday season. Other countries may have longer or shorter shipping times.